Gameform provides an easily searchable overview of the Nordic Games Industry.

Gameform was initially created under the European Union Regional Development fund Interreg IV A project ‚ÄúScandinavian Game Developers‚ÄĚ. The first version of the site was conceptualised and developed in 2013-2014 to provide an overview of the Nordic Games Industry and the different companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

In late 2015 the original developer and project designer, @roennow and @electronicmilk sat down to revamp the website and update the content and committed to maintain the website going forward.

Currently we cover the Nordic Countries - Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We collaborate with Game Industry Support Organisations such as Interactive Denmark, Game Dev Norway and Nordic Game Bits to provide up-to-date content from trustworthy sources.

We provide free access to all the data collected through our API, and our back-end supports VAT look-up in Norway, Denmark and Finland (sorry Sweden - Bolagsverket currently doesn't provide an API).